Equine Hydrotherapy: Case Studies

Treatment of Wounds

Before Treatment

Wispa received a very nasty injury to her hind leg. The cannon bone, common extensor tendon and joint capsule of the hock were all exposed.

The injury before Equine Spa treatment

After Stitching

She was put immediately into the spa. This cleaned out the wound, preventing infection, and prevented her leg from swelling up.

The vet was then able to stitch the wound up to the hock. There was so little skin to pull together that it was felt unlikely that the stitches would hold. The hock itself could not be stitched and had to be left exposed.

Equine Spa therapy after stitching the wound

After 4 Weeks Hydrotherapy Treatment

Wispa then received a daily spa treatment for the first two weeks in order to prevent swelling, bleeding and inflammation, maintain a clean wound, and also provide Wispa with pain relief.

For the following two weeks, she then received a treatment every second or third day. This encouraged tissue healing, while at the same time reducing any inflammation, and keeping the wound clean and free from infection.

Along with good bandaging between treatments, the spa has really accelerated the healing process and helped prevent complications such as infection, swelling, burst stitches, joint stiffness and wound contracture.

After 4 weeks of Equine Spa therapy

"Of all the machines that have been developed over the years to help horses recover from leg injuries, I feel that the equine hydrotherapy spa is the very best.
It's like going back to nature."

Katie Monahan-Prudent

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