The CET Equine Spa Range 2016

CET Equine Spas: three full sized Premier, Deluxe and Classic models together with the world exclusive portable CET Mini-Spa.

Premier CET Equine Spa

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort to produce a class winning horse - protect your investment and your peace of mind with the world's safest, most effective, cost efficent equine spa therapy.

The CET Premier Equine Spa is not only the safest spa on the market but the most therapeutically effective. Maintaining a constant temperature through the whole therapy session maximises your therapeutic advantage.

Not only does this design reduce the cost of operation but more importantly it means your horses recover faster, train harder and, therefore, win more often.

The safety rails and neck-guard means your horses cannot jump out with all the associated risks to horse and operator. See Interview with Ronel van de Sijde for more information.

The completely smooth internal walls means there are no door posts for your horse to snag itself on when exiting the spa.

The door design itself is the safest available, opening outwards, hinged on one side, the latching mechanism easily opened with one hand, instantly. This is the safest design for your horse, the operator and your peace of mind. Compare this to doors which fold down into a ramp or have to be lifted, pushed inwards and swivelled before the horse can be let out. Not good if you need to get your young horse out quickly.

Premier CET Equine Spa clients include leading racehorse trainers, polo clubs, rodeo facilities, international showjumpers etc including Ballydoyle in Ireland, Lotlorien in Canada, Center Ranch in Texas, the Singapore Turf club etc and is used by leading riders such as Rodrigo Pessoa and Alavaro Miranda of Brazil, Katie Prudent and Nona of the USA, Robert Smith and Tim Gredley (Omelli) of England, Mario Deslaurier (Naomi) of Canada etc. For a video of Robert Smith's horses, Nintendo and Gerry Maguire (WEF Master's Cup winner) going through the spa in Florida, please click here or request a high quality version.

Deluxe CET Equine Spa

The Deluxe CET Equine Spa has the same safe, efficient, effective design as the Premier model giving you total peace of mind but it is sectional. This enables it to be dismantled and installed in situations where access is restricted e.g. narrow doorways.

The Deluxe, like the Premier Model, has a compact fully insulated self-contained design produced in high quality marine grade stainless steel which combines aesthetic appeal with a long and robust life expectancy making this model a cost effective solution over its lifetime.

CET Deluxe Equine Spa clients include a number of racecourses and therapy centres in England, Singapore and France.

Classic CET Equine Spa

The Classic Version of the CET Equine Spa has the same functionality as the Premier and the Deluxe Models.

However, it has been designed so it can fit through very narrow doorways which is particularly useful where clients have listed buildings and are unable to widen narrow entrance doors etc. To create this slimmer version of the CET Equine Spa it was necessary to have a remote tank and filters etc., which means it takes up more space than the fully integrated Premier and Deluxe Models.

Building on our experience as the longest established Equine Spa manufacturer in the World we incorporated all the safety features associated with the Premier and Deluxe models including door design, safety rails, neck-guard etc., so your horse can benefit from the safest most effective therapy available.

CET Mini-Spa - Therapy On The Move

Find out more about the CET Mini Spa, an Equine Spa which has been designed to enable therapy where you need it, when you need it, whether at your yard or on a mobile basis.

"We are really pleased with the CET Equine Spa.

Not only the quality of the Equine Spa is excellent but also the level of support we have received."

Sue and Tony Hyland of Chester, UK

Premier CET Equine Spa
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Deluxe CET Equine Spa
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Classic CET Equine Spa
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