CET Mini-Spa® - Therapy On The Move®

Treat your horses where you need it, when you need it
with the world's first truly portable CET Mini-Spa®.

The portability of the CET Mini-Spa® enables you to treat your horses at your yard or at the competition event, in fact, anywhere it is needed.

Why wait until you get your horses back to the yard, when the world's only truly portable equine spa enables you to take the therapy with you?

Ronel van de Sijde of South Africa says "Our horses adapted to the Mini-Spa® very quickly. I love it! We use it both in the yard and every weekend when we travel to competitions. The Mini-Spa® chills very quickly and is really easy to operate."

The CET Mini-Spa® replicates the widely acclaimed therapeutic effects of the full size CET Equine Spas.

The Therapy On The Move® package comes complete with treatment vessels for one or two legs together with a portable therapy unit comprising fully insulated reservoir, pumps, chiller and filtration. A safe, effective, economic solution for all types of equestrian establishment.

Thoroughbred Broodmare, Katerine,
enjoying CET Mini-Spa® Therapy.

Click to enlarge - CET Mini-Spa in use

"Languster (Nona's Champion Stallion) never jumped better.

His legs remained cool and tight throughout the strenuous 6 round event."

Nona Garson, member of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Show Jumping Team

Quarterhorses spa'd at Texas Rodeo, July 2008:

Click to enlarge - CET Mini-Spa treatment Click to enlarge - CET Mini-Spa in use

Click to enlarge - CET Mini-Spa treatment Click to enlarge - CET Mini-Spa in use

Rhonda Thompson, Texas, CET Mini-Spa owner:

"The unit is very well constructed; I have had my machine for 4 years now, and it is still just like new!"

"[The CET Mini Spa] is very easy to maintain. It is also very easy to move."

"Once you learn how to use the machine, it’s really easy to operate."

"Once the horse gets used to the water they really enjoy it. In fact, my horse almost went to sleep while being spa'd."

"I had a horse with a suspensory injury and that usually means being out for at least 6 months to a year. This horse was running barrels again in just 3 months."

"My horse had a couple of windpuffs that got much smaller with the use of the machine."

"A vet told me my horse would never run again after having sustained a serious injury. We used the CET Mini Spa twice a day three times a week for almost one year and my daughter was able to run him at a High School Rodeo, where he ran a 19.6 and was 2nd in barrels out of 70 barrel racers and 65 pole benders."

"Honestly, if you ask me, this machine is amazing! I haven’t had to use it in quite some time, but I wouldn’t sell it – that’s how much I believe in it!"

Therapy On The Move® offers you equine spa treatment where and when you need it - at races, show-jumping events, polo matches, competitions, at your customers place or simply in your own yard, whenever it is required.

Today CET Equine Mini-Spas® can be found in all types of equestrian establishment across the world including equine therapy facilities, rodeo yards, polo yards, showjumping yards and equine colleges.

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